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Bridge and Structural Restoration

Jupiter Painting Contracting Co., Inc. (Jupiter PCC) is an industrial painting and contracting company located in Bucks County, PA. Since 1960, our teams have performed protective coatings services throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. In 2008, Jupiter PCC expanded to add structural steel rehabilitation services.

We specialize in the rigging, containment, surface preparation and coating of complex structures and structural steel work spanning a number of industries, including bridges, pipeline systems, commercial buildings, potable water storage tanks, petrochemical, military, university, pharmaceutical, wastewater treatment and shipbuilding facilities. 

Jupiter PCC has successfully completed contracts with major federal, state, city and local agencies, schools, universities and public utilities, as well as many prominent general contractors and developers. Jupiter PCC’s typical projects include:

•Bridges: Jupiter PCC provides turnkey services, including access/scaffold, in-house engineering, containment, sand blasting, recoating with multiple systems and lead abatement;

•Industrial: Rehabilitation and painting of water and chemical storage tanks;

•Specialty Applications: Most varieties (waterproofing, fire retardants, epoxy overlays, bike lanes, thermal spray, metalizing, etc.);

•Public Works: Jupiter PCC has completed a wide range of bridges, from small overpasses to the Benjamin Franklin Bridge;

•Commercial: Painting of building exteriors.

Jupiter PCC is a SSPC QP-1 and SSPC QP-2 Certified Contractor.



In 1960, Jupiter PCC was founded by George and Joyce Tsourous as a protective coatings specialist. In the 1980s, Jupiter PCC expanded from its local presence to perform projects in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Louisiana, Colorado, Montana and Wyoming. Today, Jupiter PCC remains a mainstay throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region with a majority of its work being performed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Now led by the founders' son, Paul Tsourous, Jupiter PCC continues its superior reputation in the industrial painting industry, while expanding its breadth of expertise to structural steel rehabilitation services.

Jupiter PCC's notable jobs include rehabilitation and painting of the Ben Franklin, Walt Whitman, Commodore Barry, Strawberry Mansion and Betsy Ross Bridges, as well as structural steel installation and repair at Drexel University dormitories,  Urban Outfitters Headquarters, Comcast Center, Tweeter Center (now BB&T Pavilion), Wachovia Center (now Wells Fargo Center) and Harrah's Resort & Casino. Jupiter PCC has received numerous accolades, including the 2010 Construction Management Association of America Project of the Year for the Walt Whitman Bridge.

Our firm is dedicated to securing excellence in project performance. Effectively, we strive for productivity, while never losing sight of employee concerns and safety. It is integral in our project operations to respect air, water, soil and public concerns. We are confident that striving for these goals will strengthen the foundation of Jupiter PCC.



- Membrane Waterproofing
- Cathodic Protection Systems
- Thermal Spray/Metallizing
- High Performance Protective Coatings
- Bridge Deck Expansion Joints
- Architectural Finishes
- Shop Abrasive Blasting
- Professional Protective Painting
- Fireproofing

Bridge Inside


- Structural Steel Installation and Erection
- Installation of High Rise Stairs
- Installation of Handrails
- Welding
- Structural Steel Repairs
- Fabrication
- Interior Fitup
- Structural Steel Expansion Jams
- Erection of Pre-Engineered Buildings
- Heat Straightening



- Deleading/Lead Abatement
- Lead Based Paint Containment
- Debris Shielding
- Bridge Access/Work Platforms



Jupiter PCC has provided heat straightening services since 2008, including on projects for PennDOT, DRPA, NJDOT, NJTPA, DRJTBC and PATCO. Led by Jupiter PCC’s Steel Division Supervisor, Gary Brown, our team provides full service heat straightening of damaged steel members. We provide all necessary equipment, labor and engineering to successfully return damaged steel structures to their original strength and alignment.

The degree and type of damage is unique to each heat straightening project. Beginning with assessment and field measurements, Jupiter PCC coordinates with experienced engineers to develop a plan outlining the repair process and heating methods tailored for each project’s damaged steel, followed by expert application of heat straightening to yield accurate and transformative results.

Heat straightening is a process that requires expertise and precision. Jupiter PCC’s ironworkers have the experience to repair damaged structures to exacting tolerances without loss of strength and integrity. Our team is dependable, professional, and each member has the proper training and experience to administer the correct application for each individual project. Jupiter PCC’s ironworkers are AWS certified, including D1.5 certified bridge welders and inspectors.

Heat straightening is a viable alternative to total replacement of damaged steel. This process allows damaged structures to be returned to their original strength and alignment at a fraction of the cost and time of replacement.

Jupiter PCC’s heat straightening services include:

  • Overpass High Load Damage

  • Bridge Repair

  • Railroad Bridge Repair

  • Truss Bridge Repair

  • Construction and Structural Steel Damage

  • Cranes and Equipment

  • Steel Girder Repair

  • Emergency Repairs


For estimation or inquiries, please call 1-800-523-6428 or complete the form below.
Jupiter PCC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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